Don't be a CRM dummy

In the waves of technology we have become very lazy and reliant on technology. Don't get me wrong, I love all of the new technology but it does have it's down sides, especially when we have systems that tell us when and how to contact a potential client. 

We use CRM systems everyday to catalog our potential customers into certain categories. I can remember using a rolodex to accomplish the same thing that the new CRM systems do, but better. Why would a rolodex function better than a CRM? It is not that it functions better but a rolodex didn't make us lazy. We are so reliant on what the CRM wants us to do that we have forgotten how to really work a potential client. We use email templates that the company has put in place versus sending out personalized emails to our clients. They even tell us what day and time to contact a customer.  Some even goes as far as to give you a phone script to use during your conversation with a potential client. It has become a full disconnect from our potential clients, like we are robots just doing exactly what the system tells us to do. 

I recently inquired about joining a certain leadership team and immediately got an email about my inquiry, it was system generated to let me know that someone would contact me. I receive a phone call by the representative, the conversation was a little disconnected and more of a phone call to try and set up another phone call appointment, I went along. We had set a time to reconnect a couple days later due to my scheduling. The very next day the same representative calls using the exact same script to try and schedule a phone call appointment. I let him finish his phone script and then informed him that we had already set a phone appointment for the next day. He apologized and told me that his CRM was a little off. He was solely reliant on his CRM when it came to conversation and his follow up of a potential client. That being said, our phone appointment was scheduled for the following day. Again reliant on his CRM, he did not take into account that we were in different time zones, he called an hour late. Of course I did not pick up due to scheduling, at this point I had lost all interest in joining this leadership team. What's funny, I received an email stating that he had left a voicemail and is now reaching out via email. I had been having issues with my voicemail for about a week and no one could leave a voice message for me at the time. Once again, he was so reliant on his CRM to do his job that he was just like a robot, doing whatever his CRM told him to do. 

It is important to understand that CRM's are only as good as the person using them. CRM's are based on a system doing a set job for everybody, you get out what you put in. They can be used as very effective tools in the right hands, but can also cause people to become lazy and ineffective. Just because the system does half the work doesn't mean you should be half a sales rep.