Why feeding your mind with the right information is so important for your personal growth

In a world filled with all types of different information and ways to access it, we need to be very careful on what we let into our minds. If you are constantly filling your mind with information that has a bad message or that doesn’t contribute to your progress in life, you will eventually start becoming what you fill your mind with. This can be a good thing or a bad thing based on the information you let yourself receive.

Let me ask you a question, is it more important to fill your mind with empty information or with information that could help you learn and progress? I would like to think the answer is clear. Yet, we get so caught up in all of the dramatic chaos of social media and celebrities. You may say, Josh, it is just entertainment. Your right, but is it positive entertainment? By following people who portray money as success and being a good person, we get blinded by that lifestyle and look past the real meaning of being a good person. I am going to have a lot of questions for you in this article in hopes to put things in perspective. Would you support someone with less money and no celebrity status that beats their girlfriend, cheats on their significant other, or commits a crime? How about the people who don’t have money that party and do drugs, but can’t hold a job? If you tell me it’s different because of their social status, you are the problem. We look at this type of life and instantly start comparing our lives to theirs and when things go wrong, comparing our lives to the less fortunate. I am not saying that all people with money act in this way, there are plenty of people who are wealthy that contribute more then a twerk video to society, yet we don’t idolize them, why? Why are we so caught up in drama and not positivity? I can tell you, we love watching people have problems to help justify our own. Worse part, we feed this type of behavior and not condemn it. It is time for you to shut off the dramatic social crap and fill your mind with positive, progressive, and inspirational information. I am not saying stop social media by any means, but watch what you are letting your mind receive.

You need to wake up everyday and feed your mind with positive information about your career, business, even listening to a positive message will do wonders for your thought process. I myself was victim of the dramatic social media information, it took me know where. It made me mad that celebrities could do whatever they wanted without some sort of backlash, outside of the media putting their lives on display. When I started cutting out all of the drama on social media and started filling it with positive information on social media, the impact it had on my mindset was mind blowing. I became more positive, I became more motivated, and I started believing in a better way of life. Why put energy into people that don’t even know you exist? Why put your energy into people that surround themselves with drama and excuses? Too many times we do not see the impact of negative information because we are so embroiled in it that it becomes the norm. I challenge each and everyone of you to cut out the drama on social media and dig into the positives of social media. I challenge you for one month to fill your mind with positivity, knowledge, and inspiration. I promise, in that one month, you will be happier, you will start performing better, and you will start becoming better.