Holding yourself accountable makes you happier and more successful

How many times have you heard people make excuses about something that they did wrong or put the blame on someone else? People that continuously manipulate the situation so they can place blame on someone or something else other then themselves, have created a victim mindset. This type of mindset is the same mindset that will hold a person back from accomplishing success and enjoying a happy life.

If you have ever noticed, people who tend to blame others or their situation tend to always be in a funk. They have allowed this victim mentality to control their lives and have forgotten about their ability to make themselves happy and successful. Once you get in this rut, it is very hard to get out of, but not impossible. You have to choose to accept responsibility for your position. If you can’t make this change in your life, will be forever sentenced to a life of feeling incomplete and victimized. Victimization is continuing to spread rapidly in the world we live in today and it is easy to fall into the mentality that everyone is out to get you. It is called life, get over yourself, you are not a victim of anything other then your own mindset.

We need to hold ourselves accountable for everything we do. This allows us to set a standard for ourselves in life, in our career, and even when it comes to family. Having a standard of what is and is not acceptable, is the only way we can move forward. By doing this, our expectations are raised and will continue to progress in a positive manner. It is so important to set your standard if you are looking to be successful or live a full life. There will always be situations out or your control, but how you handle them is what defines you. You have control over your life and your happiness. If you can control this part of your life, you will find yourself happier more successful and willing to take on challenges you thought were impossible. You have to train your mind to continue this thought process, otherwise, you will be back at the starting line. Choose to make the change before it is too late.