Your Comfort Zone Is Your Enemy

When we choose to try new things there is this feeling in the back of our minds that is always reminding us of how scary or uncertain the outcome of trying something new maybe. This is our comfort zone talking to us.

Everyone has some type of comfort in their lives that they hold on to like a life raft. We call it our comfort zone. Our comfort zone may seem like this warm fuzzy place that we can go back to when times get tough. What we tend not to realize is that this comfort zone is more like a jail cell. You maybe asking, how can you compare something that makes you comfortable to a jail cell? It is a very easy comparison when you realize that it shackles you from going out and attempting new things or following new ideas. Our comfort zone is the mask complacency wears that is anchored by fear.

The idea of stepping out and trying something different gives us uncertainty and butterflies in our stomach, it’s called fear. This is how our comfort zone holds us back. It is not so much that we are so comfortable where we are at, but more about having to face a fear without knowing the outcome. This is why our comfort zone is our enemy. It limits our abilities and thirst for experience by showering our minds in fear. Fear is the greatest variable in holding a person back from what they are really looking to achieve in life. It’s like going rock climbing without any support. You can feel safe and secure on the ground where you know nothing is going to happen or you can climb the moutain and possibly fall to your demise. You maybe saying this example is a little harsh, but is it really? We are talking about the rest of our lives being held back by the idea of falling and hitting rock bottom. We have a choice in our lives, be mediocre and follow a path of certainty or taking on the climb to achieve something greater. Yes you may fall, but you won’t always hit rock bottom.

Stepping out of the comfort zone is the single most important thing you can do for your life. It doesn’t have to be in terms of career or success, but in life in general. The experiences you will have if you over come the fear of failure and uncertainty are absolutely mind blowing. The things we can achieve are endless as long as we overcome our fears. It is not easy to do, but it is necessary for our growth and progress. I am not saying go climb Mt. Everest as a rookie but why not try to climb something small first and then move on to greater things? It is your life, you can do anything, be anyone you want to be, you just have to overcome the fear and get out of the comfort zone that is holding you back. Today, try something new, no matter how small you may think it is, just get out there and try.