The Snowball Effect

They always say, how you start your morning will dictate the rest of your day. I do not believe in this statement. I believe that if you wake up in the morning with a positive mindset, regardless of what happens it is a direct reflection on how you view life.

If you wake up in the morning and things start going wrong, this is not how the rest of your day will go, unless you let it. We get wrapped up in the snowball effect of our lives and think if things start going wrong we need to brace for impact for the rest of the day. It happens to all of us, things are going to go wrong. How we choose to handle them is what will dictate the rest of our lives. If you let negativity over come the positivity, you have lost the battle. Too often we let small things impact our mindset so greatly that we put ourselves in a slump that may take hours, days, or even years to recover from. Life is a blessing in all forms and because of this, we need to focus on the good in our lives.

It is vitally important to drown out the noise and chaos of everyday life. If you have a plan, a dream or any other ideas that you think are important, focus on that. Put the work in and go for it.. The only thing holding you back is you. I am not saying you won’t have some stumbles or falls along the way, but instead of viewing those things negatively, view them as steps in the right direction. I say this all the time, perception is reality. If you view most things with a negative mind then that is all you will see, but if you look at the silver lining, even in times of struggle, your mind will train itself to think positively in all situations. You can create the snowball effect for positivity the same way you view it for negative situations. Your mind will do exactly what you fill it with. Let the snowball effect work for you, not against you.