You create your own success!

Creating your own success is not rocket science. It is a basic idea that everyone dreams of, but there is always the question of why doesn’t it happen. There are various reasons and situations in everyone’s life that creates a, we will do it later mindset. Unfortunately, this is the same mindset that prevents people from doing what they love and becoming successful. Success has a different meaning for everyone, but that is not the problem.

As we continue this journey through our lives there will be failures, obstacles, and hardships. We can choose to submerge ourselves in these things and let life drive our car. We get so hung up on all the bad things that happen to us that we get blinded by the negative. After submerging ourselves in this mindset for so long, we don’t realize that life continues to happen with or without us. Then we start looking and judging everyone else’s life to find people that we can put down, criticize, and laugh at, all to make ourselves feel better. Then you bring in the social media aspect of it all, continuous drama. We are so entrenched in everyone else life and what they are doing that we don’t focus on ourselves. This type of mentality is a virus to our well being.

You have two choices in life, success or complacency. I don’t like to use the term failure, because some people are perfectly content in their lives and that’s okay, if you want to stay in the exact same place you started. Success is driven by motivation, positivity, and passion. If you are questioning your place in life, look in the mirror. That person you see staring back at you, that is the same person responsible for your success or complacency. Your situation does not dictate your outcome, unless you let it. If you want change, you make it happen every single day you wake up. Clear your mind of all the clutter that you fill it with and replace it with things that will help you progress forward, whatever that may be. You can listen and ready all the motivational speeches, books, and articles you want. If you are not willing to separate yourself from the noise that holds you back, you are not ready to be successful.