Customer Success Is A Need In Every Industry

The term Customer Success started in the IT industry and has not yet made its move to any other industry. I believe this is do to the idea that people believe that customer success is just a re-branded name for customer service, this couldn't be farther from the truth. Customer service is part of every industry and so should customer success. 

Customer service is generally the front line of a business in regards to customer/client relation. Customer service representatives field phone calls or addresses the customer/client when entering your business, they generally have no ability to solve issues on their own. How many times have you had an issue when working with a customer service representative and they had to get permission or a manager to handle the situation?  Customer service is almost a laughable term, because you can have good service, bad service, or mediocre service, it is all customer service. When you break it down, it is service that deals with a customer, hence customer service, not customer success. 

Customer success envelopes your entire business and the customer experience. Customer success focuses on things that are generally overlooked or not even thought of that have some type of impact on your customers experience. Let me give you a couple of examples, if your company offers a drink to a client, hopefully it's cold or hot depending on the drink, do you have napkins that you wrap around the drink so the customers hands don't get wet or a heat cover for coffee so they can be comfortable holding their drink? What about the chairs that you offer a customer/client to sit in, are they comfortable, do they have stains on them, are they torn and discolored? How about giving your employees some guidelines to resolving issues without having to ask for permission or getting a manager. Wouldn't this be easier, efficient, and provide a better experience for your customer/client? Things like these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to customer success. You may be thinking that these are all common sense things and if they are, then why do companies not address them? 

Customer success is not just for one industry or one company, it is a need for everything that is business. You need to make your customers/clients comfortable in your place of business and know that everything that you do is being judged by your potential or current customer/client. The things you think that don't matter, are the same things your customer/client is paying attention to, no matter how small or insignificant they seem.