It's The Little Things That Matter

As a whole, we tend to overlook the little things to make the customer experience better. Things like, putting a napkin around a drink so your customers hand doesn't get wet or folding their newly purchased clothes so they don't get all wrinkled, these are just a couple of examples of the little things.

Companies focus heavily on producing a number and not an experience. This has lead major companies to value quantity and not quality. There is nothing wrong with trying to hit a number as long as you are not sacrificing quality. Keep in mind, quality is in the eye of the beholder. Customer experience is what drives customers/clients to return to your place of business. Things like holding a door open for a prospective customer/client makes a difference. Offering something to drink while conducting business is also something that should be done. If you add up all the small simple things we can do to make the customers/clients experience better, you would be surprised at what type of impact it will have during the purchasing decision. There is only one problem.

We are trained to think that if we offer the lowest price that we will automatically earn someone's business, this is not a very accurate train of thought. Cost cutting has become a major problem, companies trying to compete based on price find themselves loosing money and not retaining the right clientele. People who look for the cheapest price have no loyalty when it comes to a business, they will always look for the cheapest price. These are not the customers your company should attract. You should be attracting the customers/clients that want the experience and knowing that you are there specifically for them. This will create loyalty, great customer base, and profitability. Isn't that what we strive for?

By creating a consumer friendly atmosphere, you will notice a dramatic change in your business. Your employees and customers/clients attitudes will change for the better. When you walk into your business you as an owner will be happier knowing that the service you provide is top notch. Your customer flow will be smooth, your profitability and customer retention will increase. If these are the things you want out of your business, change your mentality.

If you would like some help or an outside opinion of your companies customer atmosphere, we here at Tier One Consulting LLC can help. Let's make your business stand out from the crowd!