An Open Letter To Management

Having worked with many different companies, management are generally the ones to have push back when someone mentions change. Let me elaborate, managers who have been in their role for years tend to have a little hesitation when it comes to applying a new thought process. Because of their given years in their industry, they believe that their way is the best way. Now I am not saying that all managers think this way, but generally the ones that do, are cemented in their industries and do not want change.

Change is an integral part of success; we adapt to keep up with the changes in our given industries and to our new line of employees. The workforce landscape is entirely different now then it was 10 years ago, heck, even 5 years ago. What we are seeing, is old school management styles collide with the new workforce. Managers and leaders of a company need to bring the value of teamwork to the table. You hear teamwork mentioned all the time yet it is rarely implemented in a team fashion. Teams work together, striving for the exact same purpose. Old school managers preach this act time and time again but do nothing to sustain the team mentality; constantly pitting people against each other expecting the friendly competitiveness to increase their sales. You can create a fun competitive environment that exemplifies the team mentality, as long as you do not play favorites. 

Playing favorites I have found happens when managers have old school ideologies. Managers or team leads will come up to me during my consultation and whisper how good one of their employees are. Generally this is caused by what I like to call, "hand holding". Managers taking a special interest in one or two employees and go out of their way to make sure they succeed. This goes completely against the team mentality. Other team members watch the hand holding take place and feel put out, causing disconnect and lack of motivation. Companies with high turnover tend to be the worst when it comes to playing favorites. 

Managers who choose to operate with such carelessness tend to have other issues besides the inability to adapt. Managers with this type of mentality have a hard time not being in control of every situation, micro managing. The problem with micro managing is that it does not allow an employee the freedom to get things done any other way then the person over them telling them that it's not the right way. This is where that team mentality comes back into place. If you are a manager that constantly micro manages your employees, you may never find a more effective way of doing things. Managers still need to be open to learning and trying different things. Employees can be a great asset to a company as long as they are allowed to be. Teamwork is not just for the bottom dwellers but every part of the company. If everyone worked together in the company and traded ideas, that company could be unstoppable. Unfortunately, there are still people in positions that cannot adapt to change. These are the same people who will keep your business from progressing to a higher level. 

Leaders not bosses, help their employees grow not only on a professional level but on a personal level as well. Leaders continue to learn and listen to those who help drive business. Be the Leader your employees inspire to be and watch the growth and magic of your business unfold.