Hiring a consultant isn't just for struggling companies

A few months ago we got the opportunity to meet with a top ten company in their franchise. With 286 stores competing against them, they had managed to stay at a consistent top ten status. Naturally, the big question, why do we need to hire a consultant? The question itself was not surprising, they were already in the top ten of their franchise, can you blame them? After multiple meetings and discussions, they hired us to come in.

We went over everything from sales process, initial customer contact, appearance, and even the billing cycle. Even though they were a top ten company, there were still things that could be improved upon. One of those things, was simply using the same product they sell to their customers in the bathrooms, instead of using an off brand, simple, right? Needless to say, that one small change increased the sale of that product about 10%. Small things such as this tend to be the most overlooked. Now imagine if there are a bunch of these small things that are being overlooked. What kind of boost would your company have if they were recognized and fixed?

Being a successful company is not easy to achieve and maintaining it is even harder. Just because your company is successful doesn't mean your doing everything right. Having a consultant come in will do a couple things for your company. One, it can reaffirm what you already know about your business and two, it can give you an outside perspective. Companies see what they do every day making it harder to recognize any type of need or change. Bringing someone in to give you an unbiased opinion of your company is a good thing. I bet you would be surprised at the things Tier One would find to help boost your company's overall potential.