You're in sales, you just don't know it

It is interesting when we bring up the topic of sales. Sales is like that one career that has some sort of weird stigma to it. It's like people get confused about who you really are when you tell them that you are in sales. We are no different than anybody else, even if someone doesn't have the title "sales representative", they are in sales, they just don't know it. 

Everyday when you go to the store or walk into work, you are selling yourself. When your company has an order to be filled, how it's handled depends on what kind of reaction you will get. Even if you are not commissioned, you are still in sales. Sales is more than just getting someone to buy a product or service, it is the key to every business. How a company operates is a selling attribute. Your product could be the best, but if you can't convince a customer it is, you will not be able to sell any of the amazing product.  This even stems to hiring employees. Think about it, you are selling your company's benefits to someone that you do not know in hopes of hiring them. 

Whether you are a cook, bartender, lawyer, or real estate agent, they all have one thing in common, sales.  If you are not putting on your sales face day in and day out, you are not doing your job right.  Sales is the life line of what we do. How we dress and conduct ourselves in public directly reflects on how people view us, and of course,  we do not want people to view us a certain way...right?  So, the next time someone tells you that they are in sales or you go to buy a product from someone, keep in mind, you're in sales too.