Marketing is great, but not the key to success

We all have idea of what good customer service is...right? When we think of good customer service, some may think low price, convenience, or maybe a combination of both. The reality is, experience wins every time. Really think about it, when you go to a retail store, restaurant, or even when looking for a CPA, money and how well the company serves you all play a factor but ultimately your experience dictates your decision. We are willing to pay a little more because we have a great experience with a company, it builds trust in the brand.

It is vital for a company to have quality customer service. You can market all you want and bring people in with low prices. If you do not deliver on the experience, price becomes a mute point. Take Macy's and Gander Mountain for instance, these companies have been widely successful. That is until their brand quality didn't meet expectation. Now I know what you are thinking, the internet is a huge part in both Macy's and Gander Mountain closing multiple locations year over year. If that were the case, then why do these companies keep closing, seeing as how both have online stores as well? It is because they do not deliver on experience. They do not exceed expectation. We are willing to go to Nordstrom's or Cabela's to pay a little more than what some other stores may offer, just because of the experience.

The next time you are wondering about your sales numbers and customer flow, sure marketing might be a factor or it could be that you are not meeting your brand expectation. If you want to build your sales revenue and customer flow, the easiest way is to increase the quality of your customer service. Word of mouth is the best advertisement, not the ad that has all the cool graphics. People pay for experience, not just a product.