Having worked in customer service across multiple industries, one thing is clear, customer service and sales go hand in hand. We have consulted for different companies ranging from Salons to Automotive and even E-Commerce. By creating tailored sales and customer success programs, we can best fit our practices in with your company's processes to help you achieve greater success. We have gone thru rigorous training in sales and customer retention to give us a leading edge in the customer service industry. Working with different companies in different industries also gives us the ability to think outside of the box, creating a distinct competive advantage. 


It is our goal to help businesses gain a competitive advantage in their industries. We want to help increase your companies overall revenue and customer base while training your team to perform at their very best. Creating a magnetic environment drawing new clients and employees to your business for long term success. 

"Being a leader is not just a title, it's a lifestyle." -President/Founder Joshua S. Reed